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No point driving anywhere this or any long weekend if the car audio in your car just doesn't sound any good.

JC Installs is coming to the rescue with the LONG WEEKEND LOUD PACKAGE featuring: 


The Kenwood 408 - Single Din Superiority

With the Kenwood KMM-BT408 (a.k.a Kenwood 408) is rapidly becoming the single din classic for 2022-2023 and beyond. Known for it's reliability and outstanding value, this feature packed single din is the perfect edition to any vehicle.  

The good ol' 408 is feature packed:  

Phone Pairing. 

The 408 comes equipped with two (2) Phone Hands Free Calling enabled to automatically switch the paired 2 phones for incoming calls. Handy if you are parents sharing a car or a small business using the one vehicle for errands.  (Yes we can install in trucks as well).  


Use up to five (5) BLUETOOTH devices.  

The 408 has the capacity to pair five (5) Bluetooth devices.  It can pair with almost any device that emits sound and has Bluetooth such as your phone, smartphone, or portable media player.

High Quality Audio Streaming.  

You can enjoy high quality audio streaming just by switching the devices among your friends. The Kenwood KMM-BT408 is also capable of streaming bluetooth using A2DP.  A2DP means music can be streamed from a mobile phone to the 408 from may diffferent formats at high quality with diverse sound frequencies.  

KENWOOD Remote App Compatible.

The Kenwood Remote Application (available from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store)  allows you to customise (customize) the audio sources or adjust audio settings like “Time Alignment” or “13-Band EQ” from your smartphone.  Supporting AOA2, the KENWOOD Music Play app and connect your smartphone to the receiver via USB, and control your music directly from the receiver.

Outstanding USB Function

USB Connectivity for smart devices and compatible USB mass storage devices.

Playable USB Files
You can play back from USB devices audio files compressed in various formats.

Music Codec     Playable up to
FLAC                   96kHz/ 24bit
WAV                   44.1kHz / 16bit
AAC                   96kHz / 576kbps
MP3                   48kHz / 320kbps
WMA                  48kHz / 192kbps

Front USB and AUX Input

Easy front panel connection for your compatible USB- enabled devices. These include Mass Storage Class devices like iPods, smartphones, and USB flash drives. The USB input will allow you to charge and control the music playback of your connected device.

Multicolor Illumination

Bright variable color LEDs can be adjusted to match any color dash lighting.

ZEROFLEX EFX65C Silk Dome Stunning

Zeroflex is no slouch. This is very true with the quality associated with the ZEROFLEX EFX65C.  ZEROFLEX is designed in New Zealand and their experience with speakers and speaker materials has produced outstanding gear including speakers make with silk. 


Quality Materials.

Silk, treated cloth, polyamid, Kortec, Sonatex, are inherently better damped than single layered metal diaphragms. (The best metal dome designs get damping from their surrounds and absorption from acoustical treatments placed under the domes). Cloth and soft materials do not ring the way metal does, and the frequency response of a cloth tweeter is generally smoother. Soft domes with a lower and less resonant response roll-off at lower frequencies at the top of their usuable bandwidth. That means sound as smooth as silk.  

Specially Designed Crossovers.

The speaker crossover is a component hidden within just about every loudspeaker. The only exceptions are full-range speakers and speakers that use software to separate frequencies. Crossovers are also sometimes also found within amplifiers or receivers, especially home cinema receivers where the subwoofer for bass playback is separate from the satellites. Aside from these specialized technologies, it’s generally true that every loudspeaker with more than one driver in its enclosure requires a crossover. A crossover is where the unfiltered audio signal is divided according to a predefined upper or lower threshold. The speaker crossover supplies each driver with the signal range it was designed to best reproduce. ZEROFLEX has specifically made the crossovers in the EFX65C with the frequencies of the tweeters and speakers in the EFX65C kit.  That means you are getting clear sound that can be tuned to remove distortion and smash home those amazing tunes.  

6.5 Inches of Heaven.

The tweeter used in this setup has an impeccable sound for such a small unit.  JC Installs has installed the EFX65C in many vehicles and the outcome every time has been amazing from such a small tweeter.  




The ZEROFLEX 602 is a pair of two (2) way car speakers that have a crisp sound that comes along with the design of the six and a half inch (6.5") injection molded polypropylene woofer cone.  

Milar for Melody.

Mylar is a common name of cone material that is widely used in small to middle size loudspeakers. Mylar is also known as polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, which is used in a water or soda bottles. A major advantage of mylar over untreated paper as a cone material comes in applications where moisture or humidity are considerations. While untreated paper tends to absorb moisture – affecting the mass of the cone, with a resulting shift in resonance – mylar is relatively immune to this. It is also easily and consistently moldable, making it a cost-effective solution in these applications.

You Have the Power.

It is good to know that you can listen to the classic nineteen nighties song "The Power" by German Eurodance group Snap with the strength of the ZEROFLEX 602.  The speakers handle up to sixty watts (60W) RMS and can take one hundred and eighty watts (180W) at peak power.  More than enough to clearly hear  this hypnotic, street-soul jam, or any other music in all its audio glory.


The ZEROFLEX 602 has a wide frequency range (frequency range: 55-20,000 Hz) and produces sound that can fill any vehicle with reasonably high clarity. ​

Strong and Sensitive.

Configured correctly, this speaker can produce go up to ninety-one decibles (91dB) of sound.  Thats about as loud as a Harley boosting past you at 3.00 AM on a cold morning... INSIDE YOUR CAR!


The ZEROFLEX EFX-12A is an outstanding twelve inch (12") subwoofer inside an enclosure that is specifically designed to maximize the quantity of sound thee subwoofer can produce. 


The A stands for Active.

This subwoofer comes with an amplifier that is made to really bring out the best in the twelve inch (12") subwoofer to refine the quality of sound the subwoofer produces.

250RMS Inbuilt AB Amplifier

750W Peak Power Output

Low Level Input 0.5v - 5.5V

High Level Input 2.4v - 10.5v

35Hz Low Tuning Frequency

Internal Volme 54L / 1.9cf

2'' CCA Voice Coil 

Frequency Range 30Hz-200hz

Bass Controller Included

10ga Wiring Kit Included

Dimensions W 567mm x D 323/405mm x H 391mm