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ZAPCO ST-68X DSP III Amplified Digital Sound Processor

ZAPCO ST-68X DSP III Amplified Digital Sound Processor


Zapco has a reputation for sound quality that is unsurpassed. Based on a ideology of sonic purity Zapco's passion for performance that built that reputation. With all the new amplifiers coming into the market, none has been any threat to Zapco's standing as the premiere amp and processor company for pure sound quality. Just check out the audio competition scene. The pros know what to use to win. Competition amps however, do not come cheap, and not everyone wants to compete.


There is a benefit to the compact design of this DSP in small vehicles.  Worth a discussion if your weilding a small space to do a install in.  


The challenge then, was to put Zapco's 40 plus years of experience to use in the development of an amplifier that would bring Zapco sound a line of products for everyday use and that everyone could afford. And the studio line is just that amplifier. In the time it has been out it has built a reputation as the best sounding amp in the class. Of course, not everyone buys strictly by sound (although they should). Maybe it's the wrong color, maybe it's too big... or too small. But one thing is constant. Everyone who hears the studio amps agrees; it sounds better than any other product in the class.


    • 4-Channel, Full Range, Class A/B

    • On-Board, Full Function, 8-ch. Digital Signal Processing

    • High-pass and low-pass filters, phase control, signal delay, and 15 channels of parametric equalization on each channel

    • BT Streaming: Bluetooth Port for external APTX HD Module (optional)

    • Analog input gain controls

    • Power @ 4Ω: 4 x 25 watts

    • THD @ Rated Power  < 0.5% THD

    • Power @ 2Ω: 4 x 35 watts

    • Power (Max): 4 x 70W

    • Signal to Noise Ratio > 90dB

    • THD + Noise < 0.2%

    • Channel Separation  >60dB

    • Frequency Response 15Hz to 30KHz ±1dB

    • Dimensions in mm: 160(W) x 57(H) x 131(L) Overall: 160(W) x 57(H) x 156(L)


    The sharp look matching the brushed aluminium to the satin black theme of the ST amplifiers is only the beginning.  


    High quality copper RCA Inputs anf outputs for high quality, long lasting connection and quality sound reproduction.


    Bass boost frequency control sets the center point of the boost for professional sound control.


    The Studio-X SQ Amplifiers With the new Studio-X SQ III you get the sound quality that other companies offer only in their big competition amps (and better than many of them) in a new fan cooled aluminum heat sink for improved efficiency and reliability, with 70W RMS/Channel @ 4Ω and 95W RMS/channel @ 2Ω (100W/Ch. @ 4Ω and 150W/Ch. @ 2Ω for the ST-6X SQ III). You also get plenty of features, like 12dB/octave multi-function crossovers, bass boost, variable gain and even pass-through RCA outputs so you can daisy chain amps. As for performance, the Studio-X SQ III gives you more than power. These amps have less then 0.1% THD+noise and over 95dB signal to noise for multi-ch. amps; less then 0.1% THD+noise and over 100dB signal to noise for mono amps.


    Width  160 MM

    Height 57 MM 

    Length 156 MM


    4 Channel Amplifier 8 Channel DSP 4 x 65 RMS @ 4 ohm.


    Optional Bluetooth HD Controler as pictured avaliable (Seperate Purchase Required). See:

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