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ZAPCO HDSP-Z16V 8 Channel Gold Digital Sound Processor

ZAPCO HDSP-Z16V 8 Channel Gold Digital Sound Processor


The ZAPCO HDSP-Z16V 8 Channel Gold Digital Sound Processor is an amazingly attractive, tastefully constructed Digital Sound Processor that reproduces quality sound from the get go.


The HDSP-V Series is an evolving product and any number of features will be added as new technologies become available. JC Installs keeps a regular eye out for updates at this page to keep the HDSP current and is impressed with the latest iterations from ZAPCO.  This unit is truly an audiophiles wet dream.  


    • 8 Channels DSP with HD Player

    • 8 Analog Inputs (RCA + High Level), 5 Digital Inputs, 8 Analog Outputs

    • Modular device: High-end solution with 15 independent PCB

    • Player & DSP: All-in-one dual core processor

    • DSP Processor: OMAP L-138 - 2 x 456 MHz, 32 Bit (till 64-bit/IEEE double precision)

    • DSP Processor Point: Fixed & Floating

    • DSP Sampling Rate: 192 KHz

    • Player power: 456 Mhz - Arm 9 32 Bit. Read till 192 KHz/24 bit

    • File Audio formats: WAV, AIF, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, Direct.: File or Artist/Album or Title

    • USB memory stick support: Formatted FAT32 with limited memory space (2 TB)

    • ADC Processor (standard): AK5558, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 115 dB DNR

    • ADC Processor (option B): AK5578, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 121 dB DNR

    • DAC Processor (standard): AK4458, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 115 dB DNR (*8ch)

    • DAC Processor (option B): AK4490, 32 Bit 784 KHz, 120 dB DNR (*8ch)

    • DAC Processor (option A): ES9038PRO, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 132 dB DNR (*8ch)

    • Frequency response: 5Hz @ 90 KHz

    • THD+N: 0,0006 (Digital Input), 0,0008 (Analog Input) 1V Out

    • S/N Device Floor Noise: -125 dB (from 20 Hz to 20 KHz), -135 dB (from 150 Hz to 20 KHz), -140 dB (average from 80 Hz to 20 KHz)

    • S/N Ratio (Digital Inputs): from 115 to 120 dB A

    • S/N Ratio (Analog Inputs): from 109 to 115 dB A

    • Crosstalk: > 110 dB (from 300 Hz to 0.9 KHz)

    • Crosstalk: average 115 dB (from 300 Hz to 0.9 KHz)

    • Analog Inputs: 6/8 x RCA Low Level 1/5 Volt, 8 x High Level 4/20 Volt

    • Digital Inputs: Optical: 24 Bit - 192 KHz, SPDIF: 24 Bit - 192 KHz, 3 x i2S: 24 Bit - 192 KHz

    • Analog Outputs: 8 x RCA, 4 Volt (5 KOhm),  Impedance: 100 Ohm

    • Dash Board: 3" Touch Screen, 10 Preset

    • Dash Board Control: Volume/Balance/Fader/Tone

    • Wireless Control: Wi-Fi External Module (incl.)

    • BT Streaming: External APTX HD Module (opt.)

    • Tuning: Easy and Expert, "Double Front"

    • I/O Setup: 2ch, 4ch, 6ch, 8ch, OEM SUM, AUX

    • Digital Input Mode: HD, Optical, Coax, i2S 1, 2, 3

    • EQ Parametric 15 poles

    • XO Filters: Linkwitz, Butterw., Bessel, Tsecheb.

    • Phase Filter: All channels 1Hz/1 Degree step

    • VSEQ Filter: 50-200 Hz - 1 Hz step

    • Power Supply: Operating: 6-16 Volt, Current Draw: 750 mA/14.4 V, Fuse: 1A

    • Stop-Start ignition system support

    • Main unit overall dimensions (mm): 217(L) x 164(W) x 57(H)

    • Dash Board dimensions (mm): 111(L) x 16(W) x 49(H)


    This eight (8) channel DSP operates at 96 kHz.


    The arrangement options of digital and analog inputs and outputs (and processing speed) allow you to choose exactly the setup you need. 


    The units HDSP processor is the first step in Zapco’s quest to produce the perfect signal processor. The HDSP’s modular design is critical to that quest, allowing ZAPCO to continue their research and development efforts, while providing you the knowledge that your HDSP can be easily upgraded as new advances are made. For example, ZAPCO is already working on a unique auto-tuning system that considers everything from phase to delay to equalization to provide an optimum listening experience to everyone in the room (or car), regardless of their seating position. All you’ll need is a software update and a microphone package.


    Many modern vehicles come with a stop start auto ignition function, this DSP has full support for the stop start function allowing sound to be reproduced regardless of the vehicles engine status in transit.  


    Main unit overall dimensions (mm): 217(L) x 164(W) x 57(H).

    Dash Board dimensions (mm): 111(L) x 16(W) x 49(H).


    8 Channel Digital Signal Processor featuring ESS9038PRO 140dB S/N.

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