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ZAPCO ADSP-Z8/16V-1A Amplified Digital Sound Processor

ZAPCO ADSP-Z8/16V-1A Amplified Digital Sound Processor


ZAPCO Amplified Digital Sound Processors are the key to quality car audio.  Delivering pure sound quality, the ZAPCO ADSP-Z8/16V-1A is perfect for those looking for pure sound quality with tight and accurate bass.  The ZAPCO ADSP-Z8/16V-1A has eight (8) channels, a powerful Cirrus Logic Cirrus Logic CS47048 processor, and optional HD Blue Tooth Streaming.


The ADSP-Z8/16V-1A series processing takes the IV to a whole new level of performance
and convenience. Sonically, the ADSP-Z8/16V-1A has all the qualities of the original IV with
an even lower noise floor, upgrades to the PC interface to help in system setup and offer
more system design possibilities, even automatic calibration (Autotune) for Equalization,
Signal Delay, and Phase, so your first tune can take minutes instead of hours... or even
days. Just a click on the PC interface and the system tunes itself. All you’ll need is the
optional calibration microphone.


    • DSP Processor: Cirrus Logic CS47048
    • Power: 150 MHz/32 bit/48 KHz
    • 8-Channels
    • ADC: Cirrus Logic CS5368 24 bit/192 KHz
    • ADC Dynamic Range/THD: 114 dB/-105 dB
    • DAC: Cirrus Logic CS47048 32 bit/192 KHz
    • DAC Dynamic Range/THD: 108 dB/-98 dB
    • Low level (Pre)/Sensitivity: 8/1-5 VRMS
    • High Level (Spk In)/Sens.: 6/2-20 V
    • AUX Inputs/Sensitivity: 1/0.2-4 VRMS
    • Optical IN: 24 bit-192 KHz
    • Freq. Response (-3dB): 10 Hz - 22.5 KHz
    • S/N Ratio only DSP Digital Input: 110 dBA    
    • S/N Ratio only DSP Analog Input: 106 dBA 
    • S/N Ratio Amp + DSP at max. power: 95 dBA 
    • THD+N only DSP Digital Input: 0,002 %
    • THD+N only DSP Analog Input: 0,005 %
    • THD+N Amplif. + DSP Analog Input:  0,07 %
    • Crosstalk at 1 Khz only DSP: 90 dB
    • Crosstalk Amplifier + DSP: 45 dB
    • Amp Power @ 4Ω: 8 x 80 watts
    • Amp Power @ 2Ω: 8 x 120 watts
    • Amp Power @ 4Ω Bridged: 4 x 240 watts
    • Amp Power @ 4Ω: 6 x 80 + 1 x 240 watts
    • Amp Power @ 2Ω: 6 x 120 + 1 x 240 w. (4 Ω) 
    • F/R EQ: 1-6 ch Gr. & Par./31 poles
    • Effect EQ: 7-8 ch Gr. & Par./11 poles
    • Mute/Solo: Yes, each channel
    • Time Align. (Range/Steps): 0/15 ms / 0.02 ms
    • Max Delay (Cm/Steps): 515 cm / 0.68 cm
    • Polarity: 0/180°
    • Display (included): 1” LCD
    • Display (optional): 3” LCD Touch-Screen
    • Bluetooth Digital Streaming
    • PC/Display Connection: USB/6-pin Mini DIN
    • Unit Dimensions: 222(L) x 230(W) x 52(H)
    • Display Dim.: 111(L) x 49(W)  x 16(H)

    The sharp look matching the Black and Copper theme of the AP amplifiers is only the beginning.  


    The coaxial and optical digital inputs accept the digital signal from your head unit or from a portable HD player.


    A port for HD Bluetooth streaming (with the optional HD-BT II-D module).


    An interactive digital port will expand your options even more. The port accepts the control input from the included Dash Remote so you can change input source, select your song, control the master volume and even control the output of your system’s bass amps.


    About the GUI, the added Advanced menu also has a Mixing Set (you can make your own configuration with complete control of how much of each input you assign to each processing channel) and an AutoTune function (available only for DSP-Z8 IV AT and
    ADSP-Z8 IV-6AT models) that gives you automatic Calibration for Equalization, Phase, and Signal Delay, when you add the optional calibrated tuning microphone.

    Drop-down menus let you assign each channel the correct designation for your system.  


    Width 230 MM

    Length 222 MM 

    Height 52 MM


    1 Channel (Non DSP) Amplifier 1 x 1000 RMS @ 2 ohm.

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