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KENWOOD KFC-PS170C Performance Series 6 Inch Component Speaker 400W Peak

KENWOOD KFC-PS170C Performance Series 6 Inch Component Speaker 400W Peak


Kenwood Performance Series speakers are a suitable replacement for your existing car speakers (depending on make and model of vehicle).  What they provide in real terms is the ability to replace your factory speakers with a discreet installation in a flush mount.  Overall the KENWOOD Performance series speakers are considered easy to install (depending on your level of handypersonness).  As they are considered a higher performance mid range speaker and if set up correctly, they have a wide range high quality sound combined with a tight sound reproduction suitable for customising sound in any vehicle.  


    • Speaker Tech-Spec    KFC-PS170C.
    • Peak Input Power    400W.
    • RMS Input Power    80W.
    • Size    17cm.
    • Tweeter Design    Soft Dome.
    • Tweeter Magnet Composition    Neodymium.
    • Woofer Magnet Composition    Ferrite.
    • Nominal Impedance    4ohms.
    • Frequency Response    58Hz - 22kHz.
    • Sensitivity (dB/W at 1m)    86dB.
    • Mounting Depth    56mm.

    • Installed correctly, and paired to the right equipment, the Kenwood KFC-PS170C performance series can deliver an outstanding, quality sounding car audio that rivals a high movie going experience when you are behind the wheel.
    • The speakers themselves feel well built.  Subsequently the speakers are solid and have low distortion.  The speakers are made with a diamond array pattern utilising a polypropylene woofer diaphragm.  The woofer diaphragm is couched or seated in a steel basket and joind to the steel basket with a rubber mount. The woofers produce a rich and full-bodied base and lower mid-range notes. 
    • The low-profile seated tweeter design produces exceptionally clear and vibrant high end sound.

    • The high quality construction of the speakers makes them a good long term solution. 
    • The speakers are constructed in a convex shape using polypropylene, mica and carbon cap  which enhances mid-range performance.  This is housed in a composite basket joined with a rubber surround.  This combination of materials reproduces sound well if installed correctly.  
    • Capable of handling 80W RMS / 400W Peak power output these car speakers are a fantastic option for lower powered car audio set-ups running purely off the head unit, however, JC Installs recommends you discuss your specific needs further as this can requie an experienced ear to achieve.  
    • The low profile makes installation a breeze in the right hands.
    • The quality of the speakers means they are perfect for replacing factory fitted speakers even in some tight spaces.
    • With the right sound staging technology the reproduction of sound by these speakers will faithfully replicate all of your favourite songs in the way you like by way of tuning. 

    • Performance series 6 inch component speakers with 400 W peak.  

    • 56mm.

    • 400W.

    • Audiophile grade External Network Box using hi-quality crossover film capacitors and inductors Tweeter High Pass Filter : -12dB/oct.

    • Convex Shape Polypropylene + Mica+Carbon Cap enhances mid-range performance.

    • 170mm Wide Etched PP Woofer Cone creates solid bass sound by avoiding deformation of diaphragm.

    • Swivel Type 25mm soft dome Tweeter Able to adjust the direction after installation
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