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ZEROFLEX EFX12A 12 Inch Active Basspack 250RMS

ZEROFLEX EFX12A 12 Inch Active Basspack 250RMS


ZEROFLEX EFX12A 250RMS 12 Inch Subwoofer in a loaded enclosure.


JC Installs loves Zeroflex subwoofer and amplifier combo's like the the EFX12A because it is the right product at the right price to add some mid level doof doof (aka oints oints) into your car.  Installed correctly, it's compatiable with many existing in vehicle headunits and comes with a installed amplifier.  If you want more RMS you will need to go with the EFX-12P which has 400W RMS (1200W Non RMS, that requires a seperate subwoofer).  


JC Installs knows that this subwoofer is a big, loud, and clear EFX subwoofer in a clean, well build enclosure.  Perfect for the back of the vehicle, stationwagon, sedan, or anywhere where you may need a moveable or removable subwoofer.  


    • 12'' Active Basspack. 
    • 250RMS Inbuilt AB Amplifier. 
    • 750W Peak Power Output. 
    • Low Level Input 0.5v - 5.5V. 
    • High Level Input 2.4v - 10.5v. 
    • 35Hz Low Tuning Frequency. 
    • Internal Volme 54L / 1.9cf. 
    • 2'' CCA Voice Coil. 
    • Frequency Range 30Hz-200hz. 
    • Bass Controller Included. 
    • 10ga Wiring Kit Included. 

    • Width 567mm. 
    • Depth 323/405mm.
    • Height 391mm.

    • 18KG.
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