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Kenwood DPX5300BT Dual DIN USB / CD Receiver with Bluetooth

Kenwood DPX5300BT Dual DIN USB / CD Receiver with Bluetooth


Kenwood has done it again with the Kenwood DPXM5300BT Digital Media Receiver with Bluetooth.  This unit puts hands on control is back in style with a retro mod style mix of buttons with a modern twist.  A perfect unit if you desire buttons on your vehicle stereo.  Will work with our sub and amp combos.  


The Kenwood DPXM5300BT car stereo head unit features:  

  • 420 Segment 3 Line Text Display.
  • Built-in Bluetooth.
  • Direct Bluetooth Control Key.
  • Multi-Color Illumination13 Band EQ & DTA.
  • Front USB & AUX IN.
  • 3 Preouts 3.5V.  
  • Technical Specifications


  • Warranty

    One (1) Year Warranty

  • Streaming Music

    Streaming Music
    Listen to popular music applications and music stored on your device with basic audio controls.  

  • High Quality Audio Streaming x 5 devices

    Music Mix - High Quality Music streaming x 5 devices
    Up to 5 Bluetooth® devices can be paired to the head unit at the same time. You can enjoy audio streaming just by switching the devices among your friends.  

  • Dual Phone Connection

    Dual Phone Connection  
    While you are connected through Bluetooth, with a touch of a button you can switch between two phones.  

  • KENWOOD Remote App Compatible

    KENWOOD Remote App Compatible  
    Download the free app “KENWOOD Remote“. You can change audio sources or adjust audio settings like “Time Alignment” or “13-Band EQ” from your smartphone.

  • Playable USB Files

    Playable USB Files
    Compatible with a broad range of audio file formats.  

    Music Codec Playable up to
    FLAC ~96kHz / ~24bit
    WAV ~44.1kHz / ~16bit
    MP3 ~48kHz / ~320kbps
    WMA ~48kHz / ~192kbps
    AAC ~48kHz / ~320kbps
  • 13-Band EQ / Digital Time Alignment

    13-Band EQ / Digital Time Alignment
    13-Band equalizer and DTA gives optimal tuning enhancements for the listener.  

  • Digital Time Alignment

    Digital Time Alignment
    Sound coming from a variety of speakers located within your car are time aligned to arrive at your ear at exactly the same time.  

  • Drive Equalizer

    Drive Equalizer
    Drive EQ boosts specific frequencies in the audio signal to compensate the negative impact of road noise.  

  • Front USB and AUX Input

    Front USB and AUX Input Compatible with a Variety of USB-Enabled Devices
    Easy front panel connection for your compatible USB- enabled devices. These include Mass Storage Class devices like iPods, smartphones, and USB flash drives. The USB input will allow you to charge and control the music playback of your select devices.  

  • Multicolor Illumination

    Multicolor Illumination
    Bright variable color LEDs can be adjusted to match any color dash lighting.  

  • Adjustable 3-Zone Variable Color Illumination

    Adjustable 3-Zone Variable Color Illumination
    You can adjust the front panel illumination into 3 separate color zones.  

  • 200mm Escutcheon Included

    200mm Escutcheon Included
    A 200mm escutcheon is included to help make the fit seamless in many of the latest model Japanese and other select cars.  

  • Short Chassis Design

    Short Chassis Design

    With audio receivers shorter in depth, installation is made easier in a wider range of cars.  

  • Designed for Ease of Use

    Designed for Ease of Use

    Direct Bluetooth keys allow you to access quickly to answering to and making a call, and entering Bluetooth Audio source.  

    The Vertical Alignment LCD display secures higher visibility during day-time drive.

    Physical buttons make short work of answering calls, changing volumne, skipping tracks, and accessing music.  


  • Direct OEM Steering Remote Control

    Direct OEM Steering Remote Control
    The receivers can be installed in most Japanese and Korean vehicles easily. Click here to find out more.  



    • CD Player  -  No.
    • Key Illumination / LCD - LED Backlight    / 3 Zones.  
    • Built-in Bluetooth    2-Phone Hands Free / Music Mix / KENWOOD Remote App.  
    • USB Terminal    x1.  
    • Audio Decoder    FLAC / WAV / AAC / MP3 / WMA.  
    • Equalizer / Digital Time Alignment / 3-Way X'Over    13 Band / Yes / Yes.  
    • Audio Preout    2.5V / 3Preouts.  
    • Remote Controller    Optional.  


    • Frequency Range(MHz)    87.5MHz to 108.0MHz(50kHz) (Frequency step).  
    • Usable Sensitivity    8.2dBf.  
    • S/N:30dB    (0.71μV/75Ω).  
    • Quieting Sensitivity    17.2dBf.  
    • DIN S/N:46dB    (2.0μV/75Ω).  
    • Frequency Response    30Hz to 15kHz (±3.0dB).  
    • S/N(dB)    64.0dB(MONO).  
    • Stereo Separation    40dB(1kHz).  


    • Frequency Range:   
      • Band 1(MW) / 531kHz to 1602kHz(9kHz).  
      • Band 2(SW1) / 2940kHz to 7735kHz(5kHz).  
    • (Frequency step)    Band 3(SW2) / 9500kHz to 10135kHz / 11580kHz to 18135kHz (5kHz).  
    • Channel Space Selection:    
      • Band 1 / 9kHz.  
      • Band 2/3 / 5kHz.  
    • Usable Sensitivity    29.0dBμ(28.2μV):MW.  
    • S/N:20dB    30dBμ (32μV):SW.  


    • Preout Level(mV)/Load -Unbalanced    3500mV/10kΩ.  
    • Preout Impedance(Ω)    =<600Ω.  
    • Speaker Impedance(Ω)    4 to 8Ω.  


    • Laser Diode    GaAlAs.  
    • Digital Filter(D/A)    8 Times OverSampling.  
    • Spindle Speed    500 to 200rpm (CLV).  
    • Wow & Flutter    Below Measurable Limit.  
    • Frequency Response    20Hz to 20kHz(±1dB).  
    • Total Harmonic Distortion    0.01%(1kHz).  
    • S/N Ratio (dB)    92dB(1kHz).  
    • Dynamic Range    90dB.  
    • Channel Separation    86dB.  
    • MP3 Decode    Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3.  
    • WMA Decode    Compliant with WINDOWS MEDIA AUDIO.  
    • AAC Decode    AAC-LC ".aac" files.  
    • WAV Decode    -


    • USB    USB 1.1 / 2.0 Full Speed.  
    • File System    FAT12 / 16 / 32.  
    • Maximum Supply current    DC5V(DC logo) 5A.  
    • Frequency Response    20Hz to 20kHz(±1dB).  
    • S/N Ratio (dB)    99dB(1kHz).  
    • Dynamic Range    93dB.  
    • Channel Separation    91dB.  
    • MP3 Decode    Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3.  
    • WMA Decode    Compliant with Windows Media Audio.  
    • AAC Decode    AAC-LC ".aac", ".m4a" files.  
    • WAV Decode    Linear-PCM.  
    • FLAC Decode    FLAC file (Up to 96kHz/24bit).  


    • Frequency Response    20Hz to 20kHz ±3dB.  
    • Input Maximum Voltage    1000mV.  
    • Input Impedance    30kΩ.  


    • PWR(MAX)    50Wx4.  
    • Full Bandwidth Power    22Wx4.  
    • (at less than 1%THD).  


    • Band1 62.5Hz ±9dB.
    • Band2 100Hz ±9dB.
    • Band3 160Hz ±9dB.
    • Band4 250Hz ±9dB.
    • Band5 400Hz ±9dB.
    • Band6 630Hz ±9dB.
    • Band7 1kHz ±9dB.
    • Band8 1.6kHz ±9dB.
    • Band9 2.5kHz ±9dB.
    • Band10 4kHz ±9dB.
    • Band11 6.3kHz ±9dB.
    • Band12 10kHz ±9dB.
    • Band13 16kHz ±9dB.


    • Version    Bluetooth 4.2.  
    • Frequency Range    2.402 to 2.480GHz.  
    • RF Output Power (E.I.R.P.)    +4dBm (MAX), Power Class 2.  
    • Maximum Communication range    Line of sight approx.10m(32.8ft).  
    • Profile.  
      • HFP 1.7.1 (Hands Free Profile).  
      • SPP(Serial Port Profile).  
      • PBAP(Phonebook Access Profile).  
      • A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).  
      • AVRCP 1.6.1 (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).  


    • Operating voltage    12V DC car battery.  
    • Installation Size:   
      • (W)    178mm.  
      • (H)    100mm.  
      • (D)    156mm.  
    • Net Weight    1.4(kg).
    • Trim plate: Included.  
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