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Ricki's Ford

Riki's Ford, good memories from car audio design.

Imagine this: it's somewhere between 2004 and 2011 (sorry the author is old and drank a lot in the 2000's), and you have just finished a late shift after university or work and your bros Riki, James, Blair and of course Josh call you up and say: "Hey brother, want to take Riki's car out to burger king and play some gutair hero in the car park".

Needless to say that was a yes. Riki, and Riki's car reamin the stuff of real legends, not just for the build, but for the awesome memories the crew had pulling up to various events in Otautahi (yes inside and outside the four aves, and yes before car crushing was a thing) and making a good time, an unforgettable night.

Rikis car is an outstanding example of what can actually be done with a vehicle.

When the doors were shut it was tuned for the perfect in car audio experience. At the flick of the headunit, the doors could be open and it would feel lilke the whole world was your lounge while you were playing gutair here at the back and people were standing around jamming out (yes it was a lot of pressure and we got really got good at playing gutair hero because the crowd would taunt us if we messed up or missed a note).

So wheather we were winding out way down baker street playing Micheal Mind, or having a day that did not require an AK (I mean if the day did not require a AK, it is good - Ice Cube). Crusing in that car was like a dream, a perfect slice of paradise away from the world of recession, boom, bust and natural disaster that was the late 2000's.

This car exemplifies that a car audio experience well done creates golden memories for more than just the owner. This car and Jessies car were the peak of the car experience of the time in Christchurch for many people. It featured at many shows, but was not just a show pony. It was usable and could easily be brought out as a daily.

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